Food and Drink

PMC Pub & Grill

Appetizers, entrées and sandwiches are available at the PMC Pub & Grill. Check out the menu, reservations can be made by calling 705-536-1432.


There are five concessions and 1 bar in the Peterborough Memorial Centre:

  • The north concession and bar
  • The Lock Street Eatery concession and bar
  • Lock and Lansdowne featuring nachos and beer
  • The Corner Bar featuring local craft breweries such as Publican House and Haven Brewing Co.
  • The west concession
  • The Gibson's Bar in the Gibson's Club Lounge

Food service in the Baker Tilly Executive Suites

Pre-Event orders must be received 48 business hours prior to game/event day by 4pm.

Suites Pre Order Menu

Hours of operation

The PMC Pub & Grill is open two hours before game time. The PMC Pub & Grill is not usually open during concerts and events.